A comment from a client:

Date of booking: Fri 29 Jan 2010

Length of booking: 1.5 Hrs

I made contact with Steve through his website as I had been searching for some erotic sensual massage with non penatrive sex by a man.

Steve was very polite and all communication was clear and easy to understand.  I felt very comfortable with him on the phone straight away and felt that I was going to be in good hands.  We arranged a the time and date, and the massage was to occur  in my own home so Steve made sure that I had some details from him so that I would feel safe.  I did give these details to a girlfriend of mine, for my own protection but thankfully didnt need this.

Steve arrived promptly on time, was smart/casual in dress and very clean.  I was very nervous as this was the first time I had sought such services.  Steve soon put me at ease as we shared a drink together and held hands as we chatted.  Steve then got out his bag of tricks. I had candels already lit, and Steve had brought with himhis mssage oils and a relaxing cd which we listened to. I undressed to my knickers and lay face down on the bed.  Steve has a lovely touch, and gently massaged me and I began to feel calmer and less nervous and let myself relax into his touch. Steves type of massage is very sensual, light and soft, with his hands slowly working his way around your body. This was just what I was in need of and can highly recommend Steve to ladies.  I shall certainly use his services again.  Thank you Steve
Jayne x x x